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« Duck » is a generic term for Anseriform aquatic birds, with short neck, broad flat yellow beak, very short webbed legs and long pointed wings, domesticated or not.

Humor funny Baby Duck wading in a kitchen sink the cute duckling

Video Duckling Funny Baby Duck

They are mostly part of the Anatidae family. This word refers to species that do not necessarily bear a vernacular name containing the term duck. Indeed, certain species described as ducks are designated by vernacular names with terms such as dendrocygnes, teals, tadpoles or brassemers. Wild duck is a migratory bird. The best known duck of the general public is the Mallard duck from which many domestic duck breeds come. The adult female duck is the duck; The young duck, the duckling; The wild duck of the year, not yet mastering its flight, the halbran.


One can distinguish several types of ducks according to their way of life: the ducks of surface (genres Anas, Aix, etc); Diving ducks (Aythya, Netta, etc.); The piscivorous ducks of the subfamily of the mergines. Some of them are marine ducks (genus Melanitta and Clangula). The cancan duck and the onomatopoeia « corner-corner » is used to describe the cry of the duck

Duck picture funny

picture Photo Funny Duck Fun
picture Photo Funny Duck Fun

Duckling Photo funny

The duckling is the small duck. A duckling is a boat.

picture Photo Humor Funny Baby Duck
picture Photo Humor Funny Baby Duck

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